Small Things, Big Difference

Full Coverage is a campaign that will help support the development of a new initiative that will develop small local shops set up in villages and townships throughout Pakistan and Bangladesh. They will be for women and run by women. Each woman running the store will be trained in how to measure women with dignity and respect. There will be an area for women to try on the bras and ensure they are the right fit. They will be allowed to shop with dignity. The stores will not be as you and I might imagine. They will not be bright signs and mannequins but just small indiscreet village shops that only the women will know about from word of mouth. Where possible these will be set up by collaborating with existing female businesses such as beauty parlours.

Bras and underwear may seem like a small thing to most people, but it can make a life-changing difference. For example, having pants can help teenage girls wear pads during their periods and also protect their breasts during the early developmental stages. For breastfeeding mothers, it can ensure their breasts are supported.

Please support my campaign. This small act can make a big difference.

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