How much do you spend on lingerie?

Have a look in your underwear drawer?

How many bras and underwear do you have?

A strange question to ask but did you know that 67000 women spent on average over £100 on lingerie in 2019 in the UK. The reality is that people living in Western Society have very easy access to underwear, bras and hosiery. We can buy online and through our supermarkets. We have specialist stores that cater in the right fit and offer a fitting service. We have a wide choice of styles and shapes that will fit us perfectly. We all too often take it for granted that we can get bras and underwear so easily.

However, in many remote villages of Pakistan and Bangladesh, underwear is a luxury that isn’t easily available. The shops that sell bras are often run or managed by men and many women feel embarrassed to shop for them. There is no measurement or fitting service. Nowhere to try the items on and this means often women will go without underwear or simply cannot afford to take the risk of someone seeing them looking at these items.

Often these are stigmatised as being items that are sexual but studies prove that not wearing the right bra can have an effect on the health of the women. Bras not only help breast shape and size but they can also help those with larger breasts manage potential back pain.

Buying a bra or underwear in the West feels like joy, for those in poorer parts of the world, it causes nothing but distress.

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