Whilst you were shopping for facemasks…

Covid 19 bought with it many challenges. In its aftermath and as things start to slowly begin to normalise, facemasks have become an essential item. In the UK, as in many other parts of the world, facemasks are now essential on public transport. In fact, even in areas where facemasks have not been made compulsory, people still feel far more confident keeping their faces covered. I was recently sent a link to 20 fashion brands getting the most creative with coronavirus masks. Some of these I am sure are selling in the £1000s.

Yet for other parts of the world, many women and girls are not thinking about facemasks. They are more concerned with trying to find a bra that fits or access to clean underwear. Things that residents in the West we often overlook or don’t even think about. Every online store has a lingerie selection and we are spoilt with choice on design, style, colour, fabric and even how we’re feeling.

Photo: Cok Wisnu

For women that live in remote parts of Pakistan and Bangladesh where there is a more conservative approach, these items are hard to access. Often there is a taboo around the subject and anything that is offered is almost always sold by male vendors. Imagine having to stand in a bustling market surrounded by hundreds of other shoppers and leaning over and asking for a push up bra with lace and detachable straps! It’s just not possible for women in these villages to even fathom such a thing. The most these women can afford or even ask for is a “brasserie” while they go red in the face and rush to pay and leave.

There are many charities that focus on donating underwear and bras to poor villages all over the world but I feel there needs to be a different way. The launch of the Full Coverage campaign is to not just help those looking for bras shop in a more dignified way, but to help the community generate an income.

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