Whilst you were shopping for facemasks…

Covid 19 bought with it many challenges. In its aftermath and as things start to slowly begin to normalise, facemasks have become an essential item. In the UK, as in many other parts of the world, facemasks are now essential on public transport. In fact, even in areas where facemasks have not been made compulsory,Continue reading “Whilst you were shopping for facemasks…”

How much do you spend on lingerie?

Have a look in your underwear drawer? How many bras and underwear do you have? A strange question to ask but did you know that 67000 women spent on average over £100 on lingerie in 2019 in the UK. The reality is that people living in Western Society have very easy access to underwear, brasContinue reading “How much do you spend on lingerie?”

Small Things, Big Difference

Full Coverage is a campaign that will help support the development of a new initiative that will develop small local shops set up in villages and townships throughout Pakistan and Bangladesh. They will be for women and run by women. Each woman running the store will be trained in how to measure women with dignityContinue reading “Small Things, Big Difference”